Aquablanc Starter Kit



  • 1kg Aquablanc 02 tablets
  • 1lt Aquablanc A Combination Liquid
  • 0.75kg pH Minus
  • 0.5kg pH Plus
  • 0.5kg TA Plus
  • Aquablanc Test Strips
  • Spa Water Care Guide
  • Floating Tablet Dispenser


Dive into hassle-free spa maintenance with the Aquablanc Starter Kit. This all-inclusive set equips you with a spa water care guide, test strips, water balancers, and a FREE tablet dispenser, perfect for inflatable spas.

Maintaining the optimal Total Alkalinity and pH levels is crucial for effective water sanitation. With easy-to-follow instructions, this kit simplifies the balancing process, ensuring your water remains pristine and your sanitizer works efficiently. Say goodbye to complicated spa care routines—Aquablanc Starter Kit makes it effortless to achieve crystal-clear water and a blissful spa experience.

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