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Oxidising your hot tub water ideally weekly will help in preventing the build up of cosmetic wastes. Our oxidisers can be used on both chlorine & bromine treated spas.

Aquasparkle Spa Fusion is the ultimate easy to use oxidiser which also helps to clarify the water making it comfortable for bathers. Aquasparkle Spa Fusion is in pre-measured sachets which will treat any hot tub up to 1500 litres. It makes it the easiest oxidiser to use as you just snip the corner of the sachet and then sprinkle the contents over the water surface. Alternatively our Spa Non Chlorine Shock can be dosed on a weekly basis or when the hot tub has had heavy usage. Just use the dosing instructions on the container. Spa Non Chlorine Shock will destroy organic waste and chloramines without increasing the Chlorine level.

With any oxidising treatment you must first check that the water is balanced correctly. It is also advised to leave the rigid cover fully off the hot tub for a minimum of half an hour and no bathers for a minimum of one hour after dosing. Please refer to our 7 step guide for more information. Always read the labels on any product before adding chemicals to your water.

Non Chlorine Shock 1kg – 5kg


AquaSPArkle Spa Non-Chlorine Shock is a granular product that is ideal for regular oxidation of your spa water. As this doesn’t increase chlorine or bromine levels, bathing can resume shortly after application.

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Spa Fusion Sachets


AquaSPArkle Spa Fusion is the ultimate product for regular oxidation of spa water. Supplied in a convenient 35g one-treatment sachet, Spa Fusion destroys bather wastes for an enhanced bathing experience, whilst a built in clarifier helps to achieve sparkling clear spa water. To apply, simply cut the corner of the sachet and add directly to the spa water.
One 35g sachet treats up to 1,500 litres (330 gallons) of spa water.

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