Cleaning your hot tub filters is not to be avoided. A clogged filter will not only be a breeding ground for bacteria and algae growth but it will also restrict the flow of water giving you poor circulation and labouring the spa equipment. A good tip is to have a spare filter or set of filters for your hot tub so that when you clean them your spa can stay fully functional without the danger of debris or small toys going into the pipework! Filters should be cleaned every 4 to 6 weeks.

The traditional method is to use our Cartridge Cleaner liquid and soak the filters in a container, just hose off any loose debris and leave them to soak in a diluted solution for a couple of days, this will release the grime and oil from the pleats of the filter. If you have the patience wear rubber gloves and eye protection and scrub the filter for a minute with a wooden bristle scrubbing brush, the bristles will automatically go in between the pleats which helps to remove any paste build up. Then hose off and rinse thoroughly, if all the cartridge cleaner is not removed just sit them in a container of fresh water for one more day. Leave to dry and store in the shed/garage until next time. Always read the product labels before using any of our items and refer to our 7 step guide for more information.

Filter Cleaning

Filter Immerse


1 sachet = 2x50g sections
Single measure cleaner

AquaSPArkle Immerse has been designed to remove the grease and oils that build-up on the filter cartridge and can lead to impaired filtration. For best results, use on a monthly basis. Apply the 100g sachet to a clean bucket containing clean water to form a highly effective filter cleaning solution. Leave the cartridge to soak for a minimum of 8 hours. For best results, allow the cartridge filter to dry before putting back into operation.

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Cartridge Cleaner 1ltr


Soak filter cartridges to remove grease/oils & debris

AquaSPArkle Spa Cartridge Cleaner is a liquid cleaner that is a highly effective for a traditional cartridge filter, it is applied directly to the filter cleaning container and left to soak for a minimum of 8 hours. The filter is then removed and rinsed off with fresh water.


Instant Filter Cleaner 0.5ltr


Quick removal of oil, minerals & debris from spa filters

Use AquaSPArkle Instant Filter Cleaner as part of a regular cleaning routine for your hot tub filter cartridges. Instant Filter cleaner will rapidly remove grease and oil from the filter cartridges. Supplied with a convenient trigger spray application, this product is suitable for both hot tub and splasher pool cartridges. Rinse the cartridge thoroughly with fresh water after cleaning.

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Hot Tub /Shell / Cover/ Pipes/ Cleaning

Spa Surface Cleaner 1ltr


Specifically designed for acrylic spa shells.
For protecting the acrylic shell, vinyl and rubber surfaces from UV, moisture and chemical degradation use our Aquasparkle Spa Polish. It’s a silicone based cleaner and conditioner. Please read the label for full instructions on all of our cleaning products.

Hot Tub Flush 0.5ltr


Removes soap/oil deposits from the hot tub’s plumbing. For those spas that are more than a couple of years old you must consider the build up of soaps and oil deposits inside the pipes. Hot Tub Flush is formulated to loosen and remove these deposits from within the plumbing prior to a drain down. You should be draining your hot tub every 4 to 6 weeks.

Gold Horizons – Spa Shine ‘N’ Protect 500ml


Multi-application cleaner
Shines, conditions and protects acrylic, vinyl and rubber
Provides UV protection to spa surfaces
Easy trigger spray application

AquaQUIK Spa Vac


AquaQUIK Spa Vac

AquaQUIK Spa Vac Now you should all be experts in keeping your water in tip top condition but let’s not forget the inside and outside of the hot tub itself.

Spa Cover Protection


Spa Cover Cleaner 10oz.

Cleans/bonds to the surface to block the suns UV rays. The rigid cover plays a vital part on a hot tub, its main purpose is to retain the heat. If your cover is not looked after it could be costing you extra money in electric.

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