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Our Chlorine products are a common choice with hot tub owners across the UK. A well managed Chlorine treated spa will have little or no odour.

Chlorine must be present in the “free” form to kill bacteria and oxidise organic matter left by bathers. As long as the Ph level is correct Chlorine levels of between 3.0 to 5.0mg/l are sufficient to maintain healthy clean water. Please read our important advice on dosing.

When first filling a spa from new, secondhand or if it has been empty for a period of time you should leave the power off and dose with Stabilised Chlorine Granules to achieve a level of 50mg/l then turn on and circulate with all air controllers closed for a minimum of one hour alternatively dose to a level of 20mg/l and circulate for a minimum of 2 hours. DO NOT USE THE HOT TUB whilst using high levels of Sanitiser. After this time period open all air controls and run all the equipment for a cycle. If you have diverter valves, waterfalls, fountains or neck jets make sure that you operate them to ensure that sanitised water has passed through the pipework and jet internals. Once this process is complete reduce the sanitiser level to normal operating levels which is between 3.0 and 5.0mg/l.

After the above you have a choice, you can either continue to top up the Sanitiser levels using Chlorine Granules as and when needed or you can dose with our 20g Multifunctional Chlorine Tablets. The tablets can be placed in a floating dispenser and if set up correctly will dispense the ideal level needed to maintain healthy water. All you need to do is add a couple of tablets now and again which makes this a very straightforward way of sanitising. Remember that your Chlorine will become less efficient if your Ph is out of balance. An ideal Ph level is around 7.2.

For normal empty and refilling straight away you must stick to the normal guidelines which is dose with granules when filling to gain your level of between 3.0 and 5.0mg/l then pop the floating dispenser in and let the tablets take over.

You should check your Chlorine levels regularly ideally every day using either a tablet tester or test strips. Please see our testing page for more information. If you look after the water the hot tub will look after you. Our 7 step guide is also worth a read. Always read the labels before adding any products to your spa. Dosing charts are available in our downloads along with being displayed on the product labels.

If you need to reduce your Chlorine OR Bromine levels you can find the related product here.

Chlorine Granules 1kg – 5kg


Rapid dissolving granules for easy application. Highly effective and a popular choice for many owners.

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Chlorine Tablets 1kg


Slow release 20g tablets for long lasting disinfection. Apply via our floating dispenser for easy application.

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Chlorine Tablets 5kg


Slow release 20g tablets for long lasting disinfection. Apply via our floating dispenser for easy application.

Floating Dispenser


Floating Dispenser. This small floating dispenser is the perfect size to dispense all of our 20g tablets. ( comes empty )

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