Aquablanc Active Oxygen

Aquablanc Active Oxygen

Looking for an alternative product to maintain your Spa/Hot Tub or Swim Spa ? AQUABLANC Active Oxygen is the 100% Chlorine free Spa / Hot Tub water Treatment.

Active oxygen is an extensive range of non-chlorine Active Oxygen products that offers users expected health protection, without the use of halogens such as Chlorine and Bromine.

Aquablanc Active Oxygen treated spas / hot tubs provide water users with pure and gentle water, with less of the attendant smells associated with chlorinated water, which leads to pleasant and low odour environments.

A popular alternative to Chlorine or Bromine.

Pure, Gentle, Safe water for you and your family.

Easy to dose. No Chlorine Smell.

Aquablanc Liquid = Easy to use Chlorine – Free 2 part System. Use in conjunction with O2 20g Tablets. Promotes soft and gentle spa / hot tub water. Simple weekly application.

Active O2 Tablets = Easy to use Chlorine – Free 2 part System. Use in conjunction with the combination liquid. Promotes soft and gentle spa / hot tub water. A popular alternative to Chlorine or Bromine.

Aquablanc Starter Kit = A popular non – chlorine spa / hot tub starter kit. The essentials for pure and gentle spa / hot tub water. Full Aquablanc care guide included.

Aquablanc Starter Kit



  • 1kg Aquablanc 02 tablets
  • 1lt Aquablanc A Combination Liquid
  • 0.75kg pH Minus
  • 0.5kg pH Plus
  • 0.5kg TA Plus
  • Aquablanc Test Strips
  • Spa Water Care Guide
  • Floating Tablet Dispenser

Dive into hassle-free spa maintenance with the Aquablanc Starter Kit. This all-inclusive set equips you with a spa water care guide, test strips, water balancers, and a FREE tablet dispenser, perfect for inflatable spas.

Maintaining the optimal Total Alkalinity and pH levels is crucial for effective water sanitation. With easy-to-follow instructions, this kit simplifies the balancing process, ensuring your water remains pristine and your sanitizer works efficiently. Say goodbye to complicated spa care routines—Aquablanc Starter Kit makes it effortless to achieve crystal-clear water and a blissful spa experience.

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Floating Dispenser


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Aquablanc Liquid 1ltr


Experience superior water clarity with Aquablanc Liquid 1Ltr. This advanced water treatment solution offers effortless maintenance for your pool or spa.

Formulated to effectively sanitize water without the use of harsh chemicals, Aquablanc Liquid provides gentle yet powerful purification. Its concentrated formula ensures thorough cleaning, keeping your water pristine and inviting.

Whether you’re a spa enthusiast or a pool owner, Aquablanc Liquid simplifies your water care routine. With just a small dose, you can enjoy crystal-clear water and a refreshing swim experience.

Trust Aquablanc Liquid 1Ltr for unparalleled water purity and peace of mind, ensuring your aquatic oasis remains a source of relaxation and enjoyment.

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Active O2 Test Strips


Achieve spa perfection effortlessly with Active O2 Test Strips tailored for Aquablanc & Active Oxygen users. These 3-way strips provide comprehensive testing for Total Alkalinity (TA), Monopersulfate (MPS), and pH levels.

With 50 strips included, maintaining ideal water conditions is a breeze. Simply dip a strip, and in seconds, you’ll have precise readings for active oxygen, pH, and TA levels. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned spa owner, these user-friendly strips ensure your spa water is balanced and inviting.

Simplify your spa maintenance routine and enjoy crystal-clear water with Active O2 Test Strips. Your spa oasis awaits.

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Active O2 Tablets 1kg


Elevate your water care routine with Active O2 Test Strips. Designed for Aquablanc and Active Oxygen users, these strips offer precise testing for Total Alkalinity (TA), Monopersulfate (MPS), and pH levels.

With their user-friendly design, Active O2 Test Strips make monitoring water quality effortless. Simply dip a strip, and within seconds, you’ll have accurate readings to ensure your spa or pool water is perfectly balanced.

Whether you’re a novice or experienced user, these strips simplify maintenance, allowing you to enjoy crystal-clear water and optimal sanitation. Trust Active O2 Test Strips for reliable results and a hassle-free water care experience, ensuring your aquatic oasis is always pristine.

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