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  • Is your cover inefficient?
  • Does it collect water on top?
  • Has it got really heavy over time?
  • Does it smell?
  • Is it looking tatty?
  • Is it shedding bits into your spa?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then maybe it is time you invested in a new cover for your hot tub. A covers life is approx 4 to 5 years and you will certainly notice the difference when your new one arrives. We specialise in replacement covers for many makes & models however we are continually coming across the same named products from different manufacturers so sometimes it is not that easy which is why we ask you to confirm your measurements once we have drawn up the template.

Our covers are made in the UK & sometimes overseas and will be delivered to your door by us or our supplier whichever is quickest. We also hold some covers in stock for immediate delivery. If not in stock an average lead time is 4 to 12 weeks. We offer a variety of colours just in case you fancy a change !

Most standard covers up to 2.4 m sq are £450 delivered ( excludes covers with speaker hoods etc ) We would email you the pdf invoice for pre payment once the template has been checked and signed off.
If you would like to fill in the basic measurements needed on our form below, we will email you back normally within 48 hrs.

Hot tub covers are also known as rigid covers, thermal covers or spa lids and when a hot tub is purchased the cover is normally included in the price of the tub however like tyres on your car the covers do not last forever. They are constantly hampered by the ever changing weather conditions, trees, animals & humans, and if that’s not enough they are helping to retain the heat in the tub which is always steaming and releasing chemicals / vapor into the underside of it.

Covers are rarely made by the Hot Tub Manufacturers, they will source covers from a cover manufacturer who may well add the spa manufacturers logo or model name onto it. If you go back to the manufacturer or dealer for a replacement cover you may well be paying a premium, as the cover will have passed down the chain until it arrives at your door!

For over 20 years our custom hot tub covers are made for any spa / hot tub or swim spa. Our covers are produced using the finest materials which are tried and tested and come in a wide range of colours so you do not have to put up with brown or tan anymore !

We even deliver direct to your door, all you need to do is screw the new clips on.

Most companies take your money up front but we are happy to make sure all is in order with the template before we email you the invoice, once payment has been received we will pop it on order with the factory or advise if the cover is already in stock.
Also some clients like to invest in a Cover Caddy or Lifter if they did not get one when they purchased the tub, this will make getting the cover on and off very easy along with limiting the cover from being damaged. Some sites are overlooked and the cover can become a useful privacy screen, so if you would like to find out more about cover lifters just mention it in the email.

Now that’s not bad from an award winning company!

Customers must take full responsibility for providing accurate measurements and the skirt measurement must not include the hard cover.

Please double-check all measurements as we will make the cover exactly to your specifications and cannot be responsible for errors other than our own.

  • The new cover straps may not match the old straps and clip locations

How to measure your cover

Measuring the cover
  • Measure to the outside of the cover flange
  • Work out your measurements for A/B/C/D/E/F positions marked on the relevant diagram below for your spa shape
  • Ensure your strap measurements are taken from the bottom of the skirt
    • Continuous skirt will only split where the cover fold is
    • Split skirt has a split on each corner (if your tub is tapered out at the top)
    • Hinge on covers always split at the longest dimension (unless otherwise specified)
  • If you require a cover greater than 2.4 metres contact us for a quote as these are made by special order
  • If your spa is a shape not shown below just contact us for a quote and this can also be made to order
Covers are £450.00
Please fill out the form below.

Enter your cover dimensions in inches: Enter 0 (ZERO) where there are no further dimensions

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