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Spa Cleaning Products

The water in your hot tub is not the only thing that needs to be clean, obviously the filters and actual shell of the spa will need to be cleaned to remove oils, dirt and general debris but you must use products specifically designed for hot tubs:

Buy Filters Cleaners Online:

Cartridge Cleaner 1 Litre Cartridge Cleaner
Soak filter cartridges overnight to remove grease/oils & debris
Cartridge Cleaner ½ Litre Instant Filter Cleaner
For quick remove of grease/oils & debris
Filter Brite 1 sachet = 2x50g sections
single measure sachet
Filter Immerse x 10
ten x single measure sachets

Buy Spa Shell Cleaners Online:

Waterline Cleaning Paste ½ Litre Hot Tub Flush
To remove soap & oils from the hot tub plumbing
Spa Surface Cleaner 1 Litre Spa Surface Cleaner
Specifically designed for acrylic spa shells

Waterline Cleaning Paste 250ml Spa Polish
To shine and protect vinyl & rubber surfaces

New product coming soon!

Spa Surface Cleaner AquaQUIK Spa Vac
Easy way to vacuum out the floor of your hot tub

Buy Spa Cover Cleaners Online:

Spa Cover Cleaner 10oz Spa Cover Cleaner
Cleans then bonds to the cover surface to protect
Spa Cover Cleaner 16oz Rigid Cover Cleaner
Cleans then bonds to the cover surface to protect

For other cleaning accessories click here

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